Security Guarding

Secure World Security Limited is a Private Limited Company registered on 11 January 2010.
The organization of the security services, realized by Secure World Security Limited is based on the following requirements and principles:

  • To demonstrate conclusively and reliably carry out safety measures and protection ;
  • To remove, respectively, to reduce the risk of criminal acts ;
  • Prevention of threats, concerns and actions causing damage ;
  • Prevent (limit) the damage by providing the necessary security staff and equipment ;
  • Systematic approach to the design, construction and implementation of site security ;
  • Construction site security in strict compliance with the principles of continuity, comprehensiveness, reliability and maximum responsibility of each post, link and reserve ;
  • Providing the necessary assets and interaction in response to signals from the physical security of alarm systems intersection, crime prevention and other ;
  • High professional qualifications of security staff, competence, skills and experience acquired through appropriate training (induction, ongoing, and additional overly) ;
  • Interaction and coordination with the police, with the bodies of fire and emergency safety and other authorities on the ground ;
  • Continuous internal control and preventive actions to eliminate the causes of potential discrepancies ;
  • Controlling and analyzing quality of products and preventive action taken in order to continually improve the effectiveness of the security services based on an assessment of customer satisfaction and preventive measures of the effectiveness of security activities performed ;
  • Obligatory uniforms and logos, as an essential element of security .

The team of Secure World Security LimitedThe company has a highly qualified security guards received training for security activities and protection of the protected object. All employees have badges identifying them as employees of the company who are required to submit to each client. Thanks to our highly qualified team we guarantee 24 hour safety for you and your property.

Why to choose us?

The team of Secure World Security Limited is engaged in the design, construction and provision of security and safety of individuals, corporate entities or industrial zones. Secure World Security Limited is the most - preferred security companies in the region. Many households, commercial establishments and industrialists prefer us.